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Advice and answers from the NONDISCLOSE team


What are the advantages of NONDISCLOSE for registering documents?

The Registration is simple, fast, secure and cost-effective. In all our subscriptions, the number of registrations is unlimited, the number of files per Registration is unlimited and all file types are accepted. The registrations are optimally secure thanks to the combination of AES 256 encryption storage, a SHA 256 fingerprint and the recording of transactions in the blockchain.

I have not finished my project but I fear plagiarism, how to protect myself?

With NONDISCLOSE, you can register as many versions of your project as you like with unlimited registrations. No need to wait for the final version of your project to protect it. Our solution offers you the possibility to time your creation from the first ideas and sketches.

What is the level of protection?

NONDISCLOSE offers a solution based on the latest encryption and transaction certification technologies. The registrations are optimally secure thanks to the combination of AES 256 encryption storage, a SHA 256 fingerprint and the recording of transactions in the blockchain.

What is Blockchain ?

it is a reliable, tamper-resistant and durable information storage and transmission technology. It takes the form of a database in the form of blocks linked to each other and protected against modification. It has the distinction of being shared simultaneously with all its users, does not depend on any central organ and has the advantage of being fast and secure. It provides proof of prior art for each registration made via Nondisclose. Nondisclose works with the Blockchain Solana.


Can I access my registrations?

Yes, a personal management interface allows you to access, classify, share certificates and download deposited files.

In case of dispute, how can I prove my prior creation?

With each Registration, you receive a time-stamped certificate. This document establishes the precedence of your creation by registration on a certain date. You can therefore produce this document in court and have a bailiff’s statement made on the registered documents.

Can I register documents without opening an account ?

To register a document and obtain a certificate of prior art you can make a single deposit, offer is named 'ONE' (one single file filed). If you also want to benefit from secure storage and be able to access your registrations at any time, you must open a NONDISCLOSE account and subscribe to one of the subscription plans. It’s very simple and fast, it’s here!

Can I create my own directory ?

Yes, you have a personal interface where you can create directories and organize your registrations.

Can I delete a registration?

Note that any registration will be registered in the blockchain which by definition is protected against any modification. Your registrations will be retained. However, if you wish, you can delete the files saved in the Nondisclose server. Attention, we recommend that you keep your documents filed in order to be able to prove your paternity.

Can I modify a registration?

No a Registration is done forever. It grants a date of creation of the registered document. Documents and records are encrypted and saved on the blockchain making them tamper-proof. If you want to update your registered document and save this new version, you will need to make a new Registration.


Which type of files can I register?

NONDISCLOSE accepts all types of documents (word, excel, powerpoint, images, pdf, 3D sketchup, videos, mp3, mp4...). For source code registrations, you need to make one or more zip folders containing your entire development files.

Is there a limit to the number or size of files registered?

No, your subscription allows you to register as many files as you want and their weight is not limited.

Do I have a guarantee that my document will not be modified?

By registering a document, you freeze it on a given date and a unique fingerprint is created. The Registration procedure is registered and then obtained certificate is registered in the blockchain, a tamper-proof and durable technology, allowing the transaction to be timed and the original creation date to be guaranteed. If you register other versions of your document, they will be the subject of successive registrations.

What is the purpose of the QR code on my certificate of registration?

By flashing this QR code you are directed to the Solana blockchain verification site. You will be able to verify that your registration has been made by comparing the Blockchain identification number on your certificate with the one on the Solana Blockchain website.

How can I confirm that my original documents were filed on a given date?

The Registration you made on Nondisclose contains the unique fingerprints (called SHA256) of all the deposited files. The Registration itself has a SHA256 fingerprint that is registered in the blockchain thus freezing the date, time and day indelibly and indisputably.


What if I don’t have enough storage space with my subscription?

Your business evolves and our offers support you throughout your growth. You can increase your storage level at any time from your personal space.

Is NONDISCLOSE advantageous compared to competitors?

For comparison, for the registration of a file of 50 MB per month, it will cost you 16,99€ with NONDISCLOSE vs 55€ with E-soleau vs 249€ with APP vs 150€ for a registration via a bailiff.

What happens if I stop my subscription or Nondisclose closes?

Whether you stop your subscription or our company closes, all your registrations remain available in the Blockchain. Each registration is identified by a unique Solana Blockchain identification number.
By flashing the QR code on the Nondisclose certificate of registration you get at each registration, you are directed to the Solana blockchain verification site in complete independence. No need to log in. Vous serez en mesure de vérifier que votre dépôt a bien été enregistré en comparant le numéro d’identification Blockchain qui figure sur votre certificat et celui qui figure sur le site de la Blockchain Solana avec le status « SUCCESS ». Vous pourrez alors constater la date d’antériorité et l’intégrité des fichiers déposés.
If you stop your subscription, you will no longer benefit from the Nondisclose management interface that allows you to organize your registrations by theme or project and to easily request the download of the recorded documents.
As with any registration or binding document, we strongly advise you to always keep your proof of registration on your computer or on an external hard drive as well as your filed documents.
In the event of a dispute, all the elements will be requested to prove your good faith.
Note that the documents you register are encrypted (so unreadable without the unique decryption key that only you can obtain) and stored securely on a French Cloud.